23 August 2010

New phone = massive photo update!

We had Dan's birthday party on Saturday. It was over a week after his birthday but we had it at his parents house, because they love to entertain and it saved us getting our house messy. Unfortunately their new kitchen extension is taking longer than hoped so we put it off a week and therefore a lot of people couldn't make it. It was still a great night. IMAG0025.jpg I am quite proud of the guitar biscuits. I had been planning them for months :) Guitar cookies On to knitting... I went off knitting for a while and really only did it to finish off the Myrtle cardigan, but in the last couple of weeks I have added to my stash and my Ravelry queue and I started this little shawl yesterday. IMAG0030.jpg Despite wanting to be project faithful, this February lady sweater wasn't keeping my attention. The yarn is so nice and squishy, I forget what really nice thick yarn feels like after spending 2 months knitting with 4 ply cotton. IMAG0017.jpg I started a baby cardigan for a friend due at Christmas. This will fit her daughter on her 4th birthday! So I lost interest. I will finish the sleeves off before Christmas (2013) IMAG0004 I am off to London on wednesday for the first time in about ten years. We are going to see La Bete with David Hyde Pearce which I am really looking forward to. We will see what the weather is like before deciding how far to wander off into the city for food and shopping. We also went to see a house a couple of weeks ago, we are thinking about it. We are hoping to hold out and go in with a low offer but we shall see. I think that will do.

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