24 February 2011

A list if you will...

  • Twittering - I installed Tweetdeck on my phone so I use it more now, although it really is a timewastingdevice and I look like a geek on the bus every morning now instead of someone who is sitting sulking (see: trying to wake up) whilst listening to terrible modern music (see: Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry (who I am following on Twitter))
  • House - I made an effort - I bought a shelving unit which is awesome and fits yarn and fiber on it. I was going to buy a rug this weekend too but frankly I think I should just move. I don't like it here. Landlady does not engage brain before speaking and comes out with classics such as 'You can sit downstairs tonight because I am going out' Actually, I pay to use all rooms in the house except the other bedrooms - If I want to sit in your company I can do it at any time, I just choose not to. I have avoided spending time downstairs because occasionally I will be wandering around the kitchen, cooking, and she will be FOLLOWING ME from counter to fridge to toaster and its just a little too much. I love what I have done with my room but I really don't want to stay in here forever so I am looking to move.
  • Gym - I cancelled my membership - partly due to the achilles tendon issue, partly due to the busses meaning I can never really get there and partly due to it being a waste of money since I never go.
  • Money - A little low this month considering its the shortest month, but I blame IKEA and its only 2 days until payday (ish). My savings are growing but I am scared to spend them on a car in case I need them for something else.
  • Dye - I dyed yarn at Clare's house and its awesome. I want to dye more but can't in this house.
  • Quilting - Stop me now! I really want to make a quilt. I am insane.
  • Blanket - I am knitting a sock square blanket - anyone want to send me yarn?
  • Life - Not sure how its going. I went to counselling once, it was OK but nothing special. Maybe I should go back but really I know what the problems are I just don't want to admit them to myself.
  • Knitting - I am doing 11in2011 this year and have decided to make 11 pairs of socks. I am 5 down and already have the single sock of another 5 pairs. I cast on yet another sock yesterday and I love it :)
  • Dan - can be a complete bastard sometimes and lovely at other times. He wanted to do something for Valentines which was bizarre considering our 'situation' (ie we are not in a relationship) but we didn't really in the end. I did spend my day off at his house (whilst he was at work) cooking things to freeze for work dinners. Can't really cook at my place due to possibly making a mess and being murdered by the landlady for it.
  • Hair - I might cut my own this weekend because I am getting ridiculous about it now. Its too long and in no kind of style, and I am getting a grey streak in the style of Cruella DeVille (I secretly think its awesome and hope it continues!)
  • Dating - I dunno if I should. I dunno if I want to!
Thats probably it for now. I have been feeling very boring lately. I am not in touch with anything new and exciting. I need a project to get involved with. I want to learn something new! What should I learn?

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