25 March 2007

il try again...

Hat On Friday I didnt go to work. Morvens gran died so we went to Swansea to find out this and that. Morven is going again tomorrow with his mum but I can't afford another day off, since Easter is soon and I will have to take 2 days off unpaid, and i'l have to take a day off next week for the funeral. So my point was that I made this hat on the way to and from Swansea. Just a roll brim hat - 80 stitches and then decreased at the top in a square. Its pretty, and I think i'l wear it if it gets colder. I did break my 5.5mm 40cm circular needle which is bloody annoying, as i bought a full set. They arent so cheap when you just get one at a time. Hippo Heres a couple of pics from West Midland Safari Park. The baby hippo is really cute. Bag Finally I have pics of the bag I made my mum. Inside Front (or back)
Back (or front)
And here is the expertly decorated birthday cake which I made :)
Post So onto other things.... My car works fine - yay. I want to sell it soon whilst its still working fine. I painted Kurust onto it this morning and realised it wasnt actually as bad as I thought. I bought spraypaint yesterday thinking i'd have to respray big parts of it, when really all I needed was the touch up pen kit. So im gonna swap it for that some time during the week.
The clocks went forward for British Summer Time last night. It didnt get dark until 7:30 tonight. Me, Mo and Mike spent the day doing the garden. They cleared the rubble, whilst I dug a flower bed, and then they dug 2 veggie beds whilst I planted seeds in my mini greenhouses. It looks REALLY good. I had to buy dinner for everyone tonight though so I really need to watch my money this week. I'm a couple of hundred pounds more overdrawn than I should be. And with 3 days off work in the next month I need to cut back on spending. The good news is that Mo is getting paid on Saturday so we can spend some of his pay on the garden. Im getting into it now so its all go from here. I planted pumpkins, marrows, tomatoes, onions and peppers today, so next week i want potatoes, peas, broad beans and beetroot. Maybe some sort of cabbage and lettuce too.
We also need to buy some weighing scales too so I can see just how fat I really am lol. The lighter nights should give us a kick though. I want to spend a couple of nights a week sorting the garden out since i'l have about an hours daylight every day after work.
Im so tired today from all the gardening - I think we were out there about 6 hours. So im gonna try and get to bed nice and early today. Il be finishing work earlier too since I dont have to wait for Mo. I get to meet the new guy at work who started on Friday too. Hopefully he is an improvement on the last one.
Ah well, thanks for listening

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Senora Fuerte said...

I love your mom's purse!! Is there a pattern for it, or did you invent it? Either way, excellent finished product!