12 June 2007

Bathroom goodness

I joined Facebook, which is quite cool, I have caught up with some old friends and workmates that i'd kinda forgot about. Everyone should join it! Go on, do it now.
In my garden, I pulled all the rocket out, because it was starting to go to seed and I didnt really like it too much, it was too big and too peppery. So I pulled it and made extra room for the lettuces. I tied back some peas and beans, and hoed all the weeks and stuff. Its looking good.
My mum and sister might be coming down at the end of the month. They havent been here yet so that will be cool. My mum likes gardening too. It isnt definite yet because Morvens mum might have lost her job, and the security of the house lies in the balance for the time being.
Regardless, me and Mo aren't too worried. There are other houses that can be sold before the one we live in. But we will find somewhere else to live if we need to. And we have just bought a bath and sink for the cabin, so that would have to go into storage until we get a chance to build our house in the future.
Here they are:
Someone at work who lives locally, was giving this away! I love it, Im going to paint it aqua blue with chrome feet, and I love the taps but they need replacing so I will ebay for some very similar ones.
The same person at work has this Ikea sink unit, which was meant for his new bathroom but it doesn't fit where they want it, so he has offered it to me for half price £60. All we need now is a loo! Im going to pick this up tonight, I love it! I just need to buy a tap.

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Senora Fuerte said...

I'm listening to you too, Anne Marie. Thanks for your kind comment. It's stranger-friends like you that I don't want to go away when I neglect to post. I'm glad to know you won't.

Thank you.