13 June 2007

This and That

Hmm, I think I will do a list...
  • I dont feel all that happy today, or this week really, for several reasons pointing in the direction of my life at home which I wont share here due to possible people reading.In the mail yesterday were 3 balls of purple angora yarn. (approx 80m each) I picked 3 because 1. (a list within a list?)I have realised that buying one ball of yarn is a silly idea, as almost all 'one ball' patterns are designed by Americans, whose 'one ball' is about 300 metres long. And 2. I thought 24o(ish) metres of yarn would be enough to make some cool fingerless gloves, but then I had never seen angora yarn before, and it isnt going to be great for gloves due to its fluffy whispy falling apart type tendencies. So does anyone have any ideas about what to make? Im thinking lace scarf, but WHICH lace scarf?
  • I am lacking knitting motivation despite having super super soft yarn. My sisters birthday is in 2 weeks and I need to do the side panels and strap to her bag. Im thinking that I will do it all in one piece, but what stitch pattern can I use to complement double moss stitch? Im actually tempted to just cast on 10 stitches tomorrow and make 3 feet of stockinette stitch. Watch this space
  • Morven is talking to himself/the PC. He is strange
  • Pringles contain MSG, how did I not know that? Carrot is currently trying to open a tube - oh no, she threw it off the window onto the floor and now Pea is rolling it to her stash lo
  • Rats are hilarious
  • I dont want to be mean to the cabin lady, but its been probably 6 weeks since it was on Freecycle and the roof is barely off. The ladies husband broke his leg, and her parents were ill, and then its been stupidly hot a few weekends, but we need it taking down as soon as possible so we can build the log cabin insted. Morven asked me to email her so I will see what reply I get.
  • Log cabin - we are thinking of using this company as 15x21 foot or 5x7 meters is a strange size and this place makes them to measure. It will be made from flat boards, 67mm (approx 2in) thick, and we are having one great big rectangular room, with an upstairs over half of it and probably a partition wall to use as a wc/shower room. And we were hoping to extend some decking over the overhand of the concrete foundations, although it will depend on what state the wall is in when we are done.
  • Oh, and yeah, my car is for sale, I haven't had any enquiries yet but it only went into the paper today. Here is a picture for your comical enjoyment lol

And only £1950....


Senora Fuerte said...

Cute car! I love how strange Right-Hand-Drive cars look. I never got used getting in as a passenger on the side I would normally drive on.

To answer your question on my blog, I lived in Canterbury from October 1998 to July 1999. I attended the University of Kent, and I had a stellar time!!

Laurie Ann said...

My your car is clean. I took mine to the mechanic yesterday and was embarrassed by how dirty it had gotten.

Krissy said...

You are so smart buying more than one ball of yarn. When I order online I always try to buy an extra ball....you can always make a little something for someone with it, right?