7 February 2008


I am quite enjoying this spinning. I just need to keep on knitting too.

I bought a new domain name - spun-out.co.uk as I fancied re-branding my jewellery website when I get around to it, and I thought the name would suit handspun yarns (a one-off every couple of weeks at this rate) as well as jewellery. Theres nothing on the site yet, but I will keep you updated when I start working on it.

I spun up some of that multicoloured wool and plied it with a dark green. Its chunky, so there isn't much of it yet, but I really like how it came out. DSC00516 approx 29 meters @ 8-9WPI

I bought more colours of wool for my mums present yarn. I ended up making it 5 ply and its about worsted thickness. There are 4 different greens, one is plied with some sparkle, which is horrible stuff but it looks nice. DSC00513 approx 45 meters @ 11wpi Thats all ive got for now.

I went to my local library today as I was looking on their website and found 3 books I wanted to get about spinning. One was in the Junior HQ store and 2 in the adult HQ store. So I asked for them all, and was told that the Junior HQ store is not accessible and so I can't have that one, and the best part, was that if I wanted the other 2, I had to pay for them to be brought to the branch from the store, which was literally 2 minutes walk away. But I couldn't go and get them myself as it was not open to the public.

I got really annoyed and I am going to write in to someone about it. I don't see why I should pay because they wont let me get it myself. And all three were on the website as available.

I only had to pay 50p each, but still, its not really fair at all since i'm willing to get them myself.

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Amy said...

Love the green and multicoloured yarn - gorgeous!