28 April 2008

Wonderwool Wales: My haul

So saturday I was way over excited about Wonderwool. We set off late and arrived around lunchtime, just in time to grab a really nice roast pork roll before heading in to do business. Lets just say I spent a lot, but I only bought 2 things that I wasn't planning on and one of them was cheap.

So I got...
200g undyed 75% merino/25% silk roving
100g damson 100% merino roving
100g(ish) natural brown alpaca roving (this stuff is SOFT!)
100g(ish) lovely green wool roving. I think its corridale.
3 clumps of firestar
20g white silk hankies
15g dyed silk cap
5 sachets of Koolaid
Handmade British walnut niddy noddy.

So far I've spun half the silk cap, dyed half the silk hankies, drank half a bottle of Koolaid, and spun about 1/4 of the damson merino - im going for aran 2 ply

Ooh and I had to spin some of that merino silk stuff and its lush, but I dont know what to make from it :s I can't wait to go back again next year :)


Do said...

Ohh that looks so attractive. I'm happy you could go there anyway.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you I knew I wouldn't make it, perhaps next year. Looks like a great haul. I'd spin a bit of each as well, just to get the feel! The merino and silk would make a great lacy scarf it's lovely.