1 April 2008


By request, here she is in her cone. She hates it, I suspect mostly because she cant clean herself, which she likes to do at least 20 hours a day. The icky stuff around the cone is porphyrin, which is a red stuff they have in their bodies (in mucus, blood, pee etc - its quite scary at first because you think its blood, but every rat I've ever had has had sneezes red at some point in their life, its called Myco(plasmosis) and it can eventually lead to pneumonia and death :(, but Carrot is on a ton of medication, and echinacea so she has a few years left yet)

Anyhoo, don't laugh too hard at the poor kid (there is a funnier photo to come, but its still on my camera)

Here she is over the weekend after a heavy dose of painkillers. Poor kid.

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Laurie Ann said...

It's "Elizabeth: The Golden Years". Poor little thing.