21 July 2008

A few things

I have been off doing 'stuff' for a while now, and I am still in the process.

There will be a few changes to my website as I changed webspace provider and took my old site down, I am going to go with Wordpress but its taking a while to set up because I have been a: tired and b: busy.

The samus still only has one sleeve and I frogged the 3/4 icord edging that I had completed because I didn't like it and thought I could do better, which I can, but im busy, and also very tired, and I have had a headache for about 3 days now.

At work this week we are being re-inspected after failing the last inspection 18 months ago. I hope we get something promising this time because in the last 18 months, about a third of the staff have left and we lost a lot of funding which directly affected my job.

Also, I would like to bitch about my lack of weekend. I spent Saturday hauling furniture (again) in Swansea, feeling like our efforts were not appreciated (again) and which was all done approximately 5 minutes after places stopped serving food (not all places, just places I was comfortable parking a van full of stuff). Then on Sunday we had to unload the van, again seemingly unappreciated and haul everything up a very big hill, again finishing just in time for all the food places to be closed.

Also again, my house is now full of stuff, boxes, furniture, stuff, its messy and its annoying me. Oh and Squee? is a little shit! He climbed up the stuff I used to block the washing machine and then started eating the coffee grounds that I was saving for my hostas. He just cannot be stopped! We are hoping the neuter will calm this slightly, although he is just being a kid. The neuter will hopefully happen sometime this week, or maybe next.

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Laurie Ann said...

No weekend weekends suck. I have far too many of those.

Poor Squee.