15 July 2008

A good time was had by all

I have had a really great week off. I finished a whole sleeve of my Samus, attached it, did the i-cord and it looks great. I just need to get the other started tonight.

I knit 4 dishcloths and 2 hats last week and am sitting them to one side until I have enough stuff to take to a craft stall, maybe in winter. I sorted through a lot of my stash last week so there are some definite possibilities for hats and scarves. I also want to dye some fibers and spin some chunky yarns to make more hats. They only take about 4 hours to knit, and should sell well during winter.

We finished the patio/balcony/porch/deck/fence thing (we basically built a fence around the edge of the foundations because there was a 7-8 foot drop off the sides into sharp and pointy weekds and it was quite scary and open.) Its looking really nice and I have pics to come. I also sorted all my plants out so they are in some sort of order now and they are less likely to blow off the side. I am actually growing quite a bit this year, I just started a little late. The onions and garlic I put in last autumn are great. I thought they would have failed as some went to seed last month, but the last 3 weeks off rain have helped out and I pulled out 2 garlic, 2 red onions and 2 yellow onions yesterday. My beans, peas and beetroot are slowly coming along, and the brocolli is almost a foot high. On the patio I have 4 grow bags, 2 with tomatoes, one with aubergines, and one with strawberries. I also have a basket with tomatoes, a red gooseberry (very sweet!) a rhubarb, a blueberry and we got a blackcurrent on Sunday, which already has some fruit. The wild blackberries are gaining on the garden too, so we should be picking them in a month or so. I need to get some nets since the squirrels like all of the above!

All the Elderflowers are now Elderberries - anyone know what I can make with them?

I am back in work today and not really loving it. I feel like I need a career change. I really enjoyed the hands on woodwork last week. The highlight of today (apart from all 4 phone messages being of people hanging straight up) was that we went to buy lunch for a meeting, and then the meeting was cancelled so we got free food. Which considering I got paid today and am almost overdrawn already, is a very good thing.
Tonight I need to do a quick food shop on the way home and hopefully pick up something cheap and quick from the death shelf so I can enjoy some knitting on the patio.

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Miss K said...

I never post here because I don't like leaving my real name, but I have to tell you that elderberries can be made into a syrup that is great for sore throats, coughs, and colds come winter. It's like magic! There are recipes online for elderberry syrup, and usually it's just the berries and a bit of honey to preserve it. You can add other herbs in if you want of course.