5 July 2008

I have a week off work

This is what I want to achieve this week (I will bold the stuff I have already done):
  • order wood for front deck
  • take delivery of wood for front deck
  • build front deck (partially) - just need to paint it and fix the screen tomorrow/this weekend.
  • get some tyres
  • start building tyre wall
  • take Escort for MOT
  • take Rover for old mudflap bolts removing
  • take Rover for front wheel judder problem fixing - we did this and it wasn't as bad as we thought. Just need to get the wheels balanced tomorrow.
  • watch some jousting
  • watch some ferret racing
  • watch some tractor pulling
  • block all outstanding unblocked items
  • knit some more Samus - sleeve 1 almost done
  • silicone seal the gaps in the cabin bedroom
  • seal the bathroom sink
  • take Squee to the vets to be registered and ok'd for his snip - gonna do this next month
  • paint kitchen floor - weekend?
  • plant my tomatoes out
  • visit Tewkesbury - decided not to as its too far and is probably flooded from all the rain.
  • visit Newent
  • visit Littledean Jail - decided against this after looking at the website :s May go to Clearwell Caves instea
  • go to some garden centres
  • go food shopping
  • spin something
  • (NEW) Knit a LOT

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