1 October 2008

Yes, I know, its been forever!

Nothing particularly interesting to say, I havent knit anything, or crocheted anything, or made any jewellery, but I did get two HUGE marrows from the garden, and I bought silver to make jewellery, and today I bought yarn in the hope that I will knit/crochet a scarf today.

Oh and I spun yesterday as part of my new 'regime'*
So the regime is:
Monday - Spinning
Tuesday - Gardening or coursework
Wednesday - Knitting
Thursday - Jewellery
Friday - Possibly Ukulele depending on whether I go ahead and buy one.

My plan is to spend an hour a day doing something I enjoy. Monday I spun, Tuesday I spun because although I planned on planting bulbs, I got home with a headache and by the time it had gone, it was too dark out. Tonight I knit.

Thats about it for an update but i do plan to write more soon!

*I expect the regime to last maybe 2 weeks before I forget about it


Laurie Ann said...

She Lives!! Good to hear from you.

BabyLongLegs said...

Hoorah....was wondering where you and your gorgeous wheel had got to!!!
Lovin' the regime...don't worry, I'll be here to serve as a reminding angel :D

Good to see you back, A-M...missed ya!

S xXx