17 May 2009

Month's goals

I feel a million times better after talking to Dan about moving in with him. I just need to find a job now. So, by the end of May I would like to:
  • have applied for at least 5 jobs in Birmingham
  • have lost the 5lb I put on on holiday
  • finished my Queen of Spades shawl
  • have chosen and purchased the yarn for Dan's birthday sweater*
  • have seen my lovely Dan play in his band for the first time on May 29th at the Black Horse
  • see it stop raining!
  • apply gradual tan every night after my shower (for a week anyway)
*I didn't want to buy any yarn or craft items this month due to being incredibly poor and still needing to pay Dan for our holiday, but I need to get his sweater started asap as his birthday is early August and I don't want to rush.

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