3 October 2009

Last Days

My last day at work went pretty well. I finished my how-to guide at around 3:30 and headed straight off. My manager said it was really good, I think he was just trying to be encouraging as he is fairly new to people management. I appreciated it. I told him its been hilarious working with him, said bye to my floor and hugged my replacement before heading off.

My company always does a card and collection and I got a nice necklace, which I am going to wear tonight, and a voucher for Argos which I think I will spend on an electric toothbrush since both me and Dan keep saying we want to get one (and my teeth used to be cleaner when I had one before)

I felt pretty rubbish last night and this morning, with this breathing difficulty and I have a headache too, but I have still managed to pack most of whats left into bags, cases and boxes. Dan will be on his way soon and I have booked us a table at what I am told is one of the best all you can eat Chinese places in Gloucester. I have been to the other two, and they were both pretty good so I am looking forward to tonight.

In the meantime I am going to have a bit of a nap and if I wake up before Dan gets here I will cast off my first anastasia sock again. It was a bit tight when I did it on Thursday so I will do the recommended EZ's sewn cast off instead. I left a fairly long length of yarn so hopefully its enough.

Its a little daunting that I seem to have more stuff here than I thought. It will all fit into the car no problem but I am in no fit state to carry it all up 2 flights of stairs so lets hope Dan is feeling fit tomorrow. Apart from that, I can't wait to get out of this place. Landlord arrives 11am tomorrow.

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