14 November 2009


I haven't had a rant for a while so here goes.

I never went to knitting last month, I aim to go this month though, I think its a week on Tuesday. Christmas knitting is still lacking somewhat. Dans sweater has a front and maybe a quarter of a front or back. I was hoping to finish Percy this weekend but I am not quite there yet. The last chart is taking more concentration than the double sided pattern but I will get there and it will hopefully be done very soon.
I also want to start Gareths piano socks and get the Swallowtail underway. This is the week I am sure!

I lost a lot of knitting time this week because its been too cold. Our landlord has decided - without telling us - that we cannot have heating when we need it because he cannot afford to pay the bill. This is not my problem. We pay him for heating, he needs to heat the house. Its been around 8 degrees (C/46F) in the flat all day on weekends, in the mornings, and when we get home until the heat comes on at 6:30pm. He had it going off at 9 too until Dan had a word. We are currently gathering information because we think its illegal for him to do this so we are going to discuss next week. In the meantime we have a couple of temporary heaters which we are paying for ourselves and we are looking at the possibility of moving - not ideal this close to Christmas.

We are actually looking at buying a house. This was a plan for the future, in around 12 months time when we had a decent deposit, but we are looking at the possibility of doing it sooner if we can find a mortgage company that is willing to lend to us. We are a pretty good bet.

That will do for now, I have a banging headache thanks to the pressure in the air and the crappy rain storm thats been hitting us for the last 2 days.

PS: I will bring photos of Percy! and PPS: I am looking forward to Christmas :)

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