26 January 2010


I really need to work on myself. A dreaded day has come, one that I feared - I have lost my independence and I am not happy. So I need to work on this. I have no reason to live my life vicariously through Dan. He doesn't want me to sit in knitting whilst he goes out of an evening, and neither of us want to spend every waking moment together. He is very supportive of dropping me off places and giving him some space and so am I, so I really need to get out more. Starting now!

Well not now, I am home from work. I skipped it because I have been feeling icky and tired and generally meh, so I am having a look around online for things to do. I would go out somewhere now, but I don't live near anywhere walkable, and haven't got enough money on me for a bus fare. Grr!

But tonight, I am going to the local SnB for the first time since I moved here. I have been meaning to go for ages but things kept coming up, so I am going tonight and strangely I will be seeing someone I went to school with who I randomly saw on the SnB Facebook group. I am going to spend an hour looking at evening classes and other random stuff I can do to get out, and I might look at new jobs so I don't have to work with Dan everyday.

Before I moved here I had plans of things I was going to do and I haven't done any of them so I guess I now have a new life resolution.

Also - spinning pics to follow at some point.

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