5 January 2010


I spinned me some yarn!
I reached that point where I thought "I have a fibre stash, just bloody use it". I seemed to be saving all my nice stuff for something special but how am I supposed to get better at spinning if I don't practice. So I spun up the pencil roving I bought over 18 months ago from TheYarnYard and I used my Christmas present from Dan for inspiration and made an attempt at the yarn on the front cover.

I got about 100 metres and its a sort of chunky weight (and lace weight in places) thick n thin yarn which I have knit into one and a half mittens so far. And I thought I would run short but it now looks like I will have quite a bit left so I will use it to make a stripe in a hat or something in the future. IMG_0907
the pencil roving
the singles
I also plied some blue singles I had on my wheel so I could free up the bobbin.IMG_0905
I think they turned out really nice and I am tempted to spin up the rest and maybe see if I have enough for socks.

Also, it has been snowing here today. 3in so far, which is actually bad enough. Dan had a very near miss earlier, where if someone else hadn't gone through the railing earlier this year, he would have wrecked his car. Phew!

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Laurie Ann said...

Wow, that blue is gorgeous. I have yet to master spinning but I should get on that if I'm going to be a useful member of society after the apocalypse.