12 February 2010

All by myself

I am currently at my mums house, which isn't so bad, but I really miss Dan. I decided to come here after we realised that we are pretty much always together, what with working and living together, and we needed a bit of space, kinda like when we didnt live together and only spent weekends together.

I have to say that its about time we did this. We have lived in the same room as each other for the last almost 5 months and if we want to go on strong, we need time apart. With this in mind I have been to 2 SnB's so far and I am in discussion with my old friend Elli about starting another one on the weeks that there is no other SnB in Birmingham, and hopefully it will be quite convenient for the both of us :) I also went to town all by myself last weekend - my first time on a bus in about 3 years! And I did a bit of driving around and will more than likely start driving myself around without Dan when I get back - Hobbycraft here I come!

It wasn't intentional to spend Valentines Day apart but we are not too bothered by this, all we usually do is cards, and it is my secret plan to finish the Christmas Jumper for the time I get back on Monday night. We will probably go out for dinner next week when its cheaper and I will no doubt get flowers when they are not a complete rip off.

So I have a weekend of various shopping planned, including Wingham Wool Works on Sunday and I need a new spring/summer jacket, trainers and jeans - none of which I found in Doncaster today so off to somewhere else tomorrow to try again. I am enjoying getting out and about, despite having had a headache for most of today, but I realise that I do really miss going home to Dan. This I see as a good thing though, and I plan to do this more often. Missing him is a good thing, it will hopefully make us both appreciate our time together more, and make the most of it.

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