6 May 2010

Some pretty things

I am watching the election live (Actually watching the Alternative Election Night on Channel4) and I am geniunely concerned that the Conservatives might be in power tomorrow. The results are about to start coming in and I don't have wine! Grr!

So as I haven't had any pictures up for a while, here are a few to keep you interested

This is my Wonderwool 2010 haul. I got (clockwise starting top) 300m chunky merino in grey, 1000m laceweight pure silk in gold (a project has begun, details soon), 100g baby camel in gorgeous deep sea colours, some lovely shell buttons for a cardigan I don't even have the yarn for yet, a couple of samples of locks for spinning, 100g banana fiber, 100g silk hankies (undyed), aqua greeny blue dyed silk hankies (about 60g) and in the middle, some rather nice merino in a colour called strawberry shortcake, although I keep calling it raspberry ripple.

Next up, this is some spindle spinning I started last year. I want my spindle back so I thought I would finish it, its about half done and I hope to make a lacy single long enough to make a scarf or something.

This is my morning surf scarf made from handspun. Its a bit short but it blocked out to a decent enough size. This is probably going away until Winter and may even make a present for someone.

In other news, our new SnB moved to the Midlands Arts Center (MAC) and we met up there last tuesday and it was lovely. Please come along if you live nearby

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Laurie Ann said...

ooo, the green stuff on your spindle is so pretty.