18 April 2010


I need to learn where to put the bust shaping in the sweater I am making, or at least be prepared to frog if they all go wrong.

I went to a gig last night where we know the drummer. When we got there, the stage was empty and I was marginally panicked that I may have got the wrong night. It turns out that they had to cancel the gig because the singer is stuck in Ireland thanks to the 'Volcano Issues' but instead, the drummer DJ'd and we had a great night anyway, getting in sometime around 2am.

I watched Alice in Wonderland yesterday which was good in 3D, if not a bit fuzzy. It wasn't the best film in the world but I will probably watch it again.

We are currently 'watching' Short Circuit on TV. Its so bad!

I haven't knit anything in forever! Without knit nights I would never get anything done. I think I will spend an hour on my Cookie A sock.

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