16 April 2010


I seem to spend more time looking at stuff on Ravelry and other random internetty sites that I haven't actually knit anything for 3 days.

Also, I am a dumbass. I booked us a holiday for the bank holiday weekend at the end of May, and when I checked my diary earlier (a week after booking!) I realised that the Friday night we have tickets to see Stuart Francis (Canadian comedian). Grr!

Luckily the b&b owner has pushed us forward a day so we are now going Saturday to Tuesday and taking Tuesday off instead of Friday. This should work out a little better for the drive home. Its a 4 hour drive, we are going to Cornwall - Eden project, Lost gardens of Heligan, beaches and pubs.

Right. I have this fantastic jumper on the needles, I just haven't touched it since Tuesday night and I was hoping to finish it soon. Wonder if it will be ready for Wonderwool next weekend... I doubt it :)

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Laurie Ann said...


I don't know why that needed a shout, but it did. Hey, I just wanted to comment on your new blog colors. I like them, but you may want to do the text in a light color. The black on the dark pink is hard to read. Just a suggestion.