11 April 2010

New Knitting

For a change I thought I would start some new projects. I bought some new cables for my Denises needles as I can only find 2 of them and Kangaroo yarns had a 10% off Easter Sale - I got blue ones this time so I could keep them seperate from my pink ones.

Anyway, I could use the cables to make the Buttercup sweater 'try-on-able' and it turned out to be way too big. I will reassess when I can be bothered and I might be able to salvage some of it, otherwise it will be frogged and restarted when I feel up to it.

Instead, for now, I have started another sweater from my list, the gathered pullover. I have got gauge spot on (even rows!!) and have decided to make some waist decreases and increases to make it fit less bag-like. Dan is in Germany this weekend (until Tuesday) so I have been making good progress - I am up to 5 inches, and I hope to have got to at least the cable pattern by the time he gets back. The yarn is something I got from someones stash on Ravelry and its really nice teal with gold tweedy bits. I will post pics at some point.

My mum has been visiting this weekend and we have been out a couple of times but I think the plan for the rest of tonight is to lounge, order and collect chinese food, and knit whilst watching 2 more Harry Potter films.

With regards to courses, I have found an introductory level course in Introducing Environment. It has lots of progession routes but I want to make sure I can do this first, it lasts for 4 months and has 2 assignments and one assessment. The one I am going to do starts in June. Also, I found cookery classes at a local farmers market and was thinking of signing up for a one off Indian cooking class.

Ooh and the new knitting group we started had 6 people last week which is pretty good for the first official week.

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