4 April 2010

Socks and A Request for Advice

Here are the Bex socks I started a couple of days ago. They were quite confusing to start with but now I am in the flow and don't need absolute silence to make progress

The advice I am after relates to studying. Should I study for the sake of it, meaning should I do a bunch of short courses in milinary, floristry, creative writing, flower arranging and cake decorating, or should I bite the bullet and start Open University qualifications leading towards a degree or something in Environmentalism or Engineering or Accountancy or something that will lead to a (hopefully) better future in the long term.

I could just carry on working mid-high level admin jobs but I don't enjoy it and don't get much out of it and if I am ever going to really afford to live my life I feel I ought to actually specialise in something and get an actual 'career'. Your thoughts please?

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Laurie Ann said...

I say go full-on University. You're young enough that when you're done you won't be an old lady competing for a younger person's job. Plus, one should never stop learning. Just pick some course of study that really interests you, not one just because the job prospects are better.

And Good Luck.