31 March 2010


Oh crap I don't know what has come over me lately. I finished Dan's Christmas (yes 2009, I know!) Sweater on February 14th and since then I have cast on about a million things. Well not quite, but I have cast on Skew socks, Cookie A Bex socks, thick alpaca socks (finished yesterday), a sweater for myself, a handspun scarf and (checks Ravelry because I know there are more)... I cast on Jaywalkers but frogged them after the ribbing because I need to make the smaller size, or maybe change the pattern because the Kureyon sock yarn could work better as something else.

Anyway I really like the feeling of finishing projects but I get a little sad for the loss of long term projects when they are done so obviously the way forward is to just cast on 2 projects for everyone I cast off. Which reminds me, I have a new baby to knit for who is going to be born in July and I have no idea what to make because I have no idea who its parents are, but you hear 'baby' and get visions of cute little things that knit up in seconds

I feel a little rambly. I have had wine (really nice Elderflower Wine from the Farmers Market). Its been a strange week and me and Dan have had a few arguements and such but I have also had a very good knit night and tomorrow is the last day at work for 4 days, we have a gig on Sunday and then Dan goes to Germany the following week and I have to decide whether to invite my mum to stay or go it alone for a few days.

Ooh, I also got a haircut and I quite like it but I need some straightening irons so will go buy a cheapish pair tomorrow (or I will send Dan as I am working and he isn't this week). I was in the right place to get them on Sunday but completely forgot and just bought the Bar Optics for a wedding present for some friends who are getting married next month.

I apologise for the verbal vomit :)

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