20 March 2010


I bought cutlery today because for some reason we don't seem to have many teaspoons or knives. Maybe we would if we washed up more often but thats not going to happen. Anyway this stainless steel cutlery says it is not suitable for dishwashers - because stainless steel can stain. What?

We looked at 3 houses this morning. One was a definite no, but we were pleasantly surprised by the other 2. We went to see another 4 or 5 estate agents in the afternoon and they went from bad to worse. Are they so used to how it was 2 years ago where there was no selling involved - people were desperate to snap up any house they could. It was quite rubbish really. But we have a ton of papers to look through and will probably book a few more viewings this week :)

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