19 March 2010

Sooo sleepy!

Ugh, its been a tiring work at week. Nothing major has happened but I have been doing some tidying and cleaning up and its exhausting.

Nevermind, the weekend is here. We have some house viewings in the morning, and then we were going to spend some time at other Estate Agents to see what they can offer us too. Its quite tiring looking at the piddly selection of houses on the market and trying to decide why exactly they havent sold in 4 months when others are being snapped up in days.

I am currently having an evening of doing not much. We got in and had tea and burfi (Dan bought his parents about 2lb of various burfi for their annivesary and they put us a box together with some birthday cake too - talk about sugar rush!). I did a bit of spinning and now I am watching Mastermind whilst avoiding knitting or spinning or cooking dinner - which tonight is sea bass, mashed potatos, green beans and parsley and lemon sauce - when I can be bothered.

I really need to take some photos of all the knitting projects I keep starting, and I need to start something else - Dan's brothers girlfriends sister is having a baby in July. They live in Northern Italy so I may just make something for next Winter as it gets really cold up there.

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