15 March 2010

In the last month...

I went to Stitches N Ho's and met Karen who I have known on Ravelry for a few months now
Me and my old friend Eli have started a new SnB in our local village.
I went to Brum knit night.
Me and Dan have been approved for a mortgage.
We have booked house viewings.
I had a birthday and am now 28*.
Dans mum had a 65th birthday on Mothers Day (yesterday).
My mum had a birthday and I managed to get both birthday and mothers day presents and cards sent to arrive on time.
I love love love 'How I met your mother'.
I have started new socks and a jumper for myself.
It snowed again.
Our kitchen has been innundated with ladybirds.
I made fish pie, twice.
I could not finish a piece of cake.
I have realised what its actually like to have a life, and I have NO time to myself. I have not knit for 4 days!

*I got flowers, chocolates, lots of Burts bees things, a big lush giftset, Cookie A's sock book, a Stitch n Bitch design book, Homespun handknits book, a book with the coolest muffins ever, Harry Potter films 1-5 (I got 6 for Xmas), and a subscription to spin off magazine, yay.

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Laurie Ann said...

Ladybirds (or Ladybugs as we call them over here) are all over this year. I imported one from Pennsylvania when I came home from my Mother's house. I hope it fits in with the California bugs.