21 February 2010


I finished the sweater, and the next day I sat and finished some socks I started in April 2009 and for no reason whatsoever I just kept putting them down and forgetting about them. It is nice to have new socks :) so what have I done? I cast on for Skew and also for a Morning Surf Scarf from the handspun Falkland I finished a few weeks ago. I am tempted to cast on something else too but I think 2 new projects is enough for now. I really should go through my huge box of WIPs and finish some other stuff.

In other news, its SnB time again on Tuesday (unless it snows again) and in the world of the personal goal - I drove on my own! Again this is a stupid little acheivement as I have been driving (mostly on my own) for exactly ten years and 20 days, but for the last 14 months I haven't had my own car and I never really wanted to drive Dans brand new car without him in it. But I guess its over 6 months old now so I feel better about it? Who knows. I only went to the supermarket but I am very happy with myself :)

Dan isn't feeling well today. We were going to rearrange furniture and take our room full of cardboard boxes to store at work, and maybe go to Ikea to buy some bedside tables to match our other bedroom furniture before they are discontinued. So far I have just made some bread and I am going to bake a ham for this weeks sandwiches and snacking and apart from maybe vacuuming and having a bath, that might be the extent of todays activities.

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