3 June 2010

Changing Moods and Passing Fads

I have noticed lately that I am not really interested in knitting, but I am more interested in spinning. I am not really interested in reading literature but am more interested in reading educational books for the course I am starting. I also really want to bake but have no interest in cooking proper food. I am more interested in starting than finishing too, but thats nothing new. Last month I had a finishing burst but it didn't last long and I probably started more things than I finished.

I am moving out this weekend to my friend Shirley's house. The house is lovely and for now it will just be me and her. Its not even a mile up the road from Dan which is nice and we are still looking to buy a place, but have come to the conclusion that a tiny apartment is not somewhere that 2 people who work together should live together. So this is a temporary arrangement until either I find a different job or we find a big old house or both. I was a bit perturbed at first but I am now really looking forward to going back to dating my boyfriend and seeing him when we want to rather than having little choice. Plus I get this fantastic house to live in with a garden and its going to save me money too.

We haven't told our parents yet and I am not sure whether I am going to tell my mum yet or not. Chances are I will be at his when she calls anyway.

So thats what I am up to this weekend. I have also volunteered to knit a bit for a group project and I have about 3 weeks to complete my thing, details later. Also my course started on Monday and I haven't done much about it yet, and I have moving to do, and a haircut to get, and things to spin and birthday presents to buy and I am a bit busy and I don't really like it.

Also, we were on holiday over the weekend. I will share some pics next time.

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