18 June 2010

New things

I have no idea where I am with knitting. I started making more squares for the barn raising quilt but then I ordered yarn to start the Myrtle cardigan, I swatched in stockinette and got pretty close to gauge and I cast on for a 44in chest and when I measured after 5 rows, it measured about 80inches - so I frogged and did some lace swatching in the recommended 4mm needles, where each pattern measured 3 1/2in. So I went down to 3.75mm needles and each pattern measures 3.1/4 in. So I now need to find a 3.5mm circular needles (my Denises set doesn't go that small, but I do have an addi lace turbo somewhere, possible in use) and I need to do yet another repeat just for the gauge, and then I have to frog several hours of knitting so I can start with what will probably be about 6 solid weeks of knitting to get me a cardigan. But it will be worth it if I get it right.

Anyway. Holiday photos in no particular order.

Possibly worrying but it was too busy for the adders to venture out

The weather was pretty nice, it was just a bit overcast in this picture.

Best seafood ever - Moulle Marinier (probably not spelled right but I don't remember due to being under the influence of Long Island Ice Tea and wine.

The required mug shots, just to prove we were both there :)

It is Worldwide Knit In Public Day(s) this week so I am going to make the effort to go to the Birmingham City Stitch n Bitch tomorrow morning and then I will wander around the markets buying a weeks worth of food. I did this last week and I bought too much as I still have a fridge full of asparagus and spinach. It should be a healthy weekend though

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