6 July 2010


Its been a weird couple of weeks. I am adjusting to life on my own (said with a pinch of salt as I am rarely on my own, and when I am, I enjoy it - mostly). I see I haven't posted for a while but thats because I feel boring.

I am currently sat in the conservatory in the dark - not sure when that happened, it was nice a bright last time I looked up. I am working on my first Open University assignment which stupid me thought needed to be handed in some time next week, but no, it needs to be in for Thursday this week so I can have my tutorial next Monday. Anyway, this assignment caused mass panic yesterday when I lost all self confidence and almost burst into tears and the stress and pain of having to write 250 words! What can I say, I have probably written more than that just now, but dear god it has been so difficult. Academia was never my strong point, although I have filled the gaps in the easy charts and questions really quickly and easily. Its just the wordy parts I struggle with. Dan came over after work for some dinner and helped me for an hour before I got stuck into writing. I have 500 words now and need to remove half by Thursday. This is easier than writing them I think.

So in the meantime here are some random things that are going to be going on:

We are looking at going to the theatre in London to see LaBete with Niles from Frasier. We thought we would do a mid week matinee so we can get the train there and back (1hr 45mins from here) and have a nice extortionately priced meal whilst we are there. We will probably go in August since July will be almost over when we stop being busy.

We have a wedding to go to this Saturday and the following weekend we are going back to Cornwall to finish what we started. Mostly we plan to go to the Eden Project again (free this time) and spend some time on a beach. If the glorious weather doesn't continue for the next couple of weeks, the plan is to take our books and lounge in the Mediterranean Biome at Eden for the day :)

I plan to buy a bike instead of joining a gym, and hopefully Shirley will be bringing her running machine home from her brothers soon so I can jog on that for a few hours a week.

I applied for my passport last week but the photos have been declined so I need to sort out getting more countersigned this week but I hope it gets done soon because we want to go to Greece in September and I really want to be thinner by then!

Knitting wise, I am loving Myrtle now its making progress but I really would like it done for my holiday in 10 days and its not looking likely because of this writing :s

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