17 August 2010

Ooh I love the green!

I realise I haven't written for a while, but I have just been busy with life and such. Dan had a birthday - I got him a mandolin, and he has taken to it really well. We are having a party for him this weekend, although it was postponed from last weekend and now half the people can't make it.

We went on holiday again which was much more relaxing except for the sunburn.

I finished Myrtle and I love it. I will hopefully get some wear of it this year and I have already cast on for a February Lady Sweater for when it gets warmer. Myrtle was utter hell to knit - needed constant concentration and quite a bit of thinking (not what I usually look for in a knitting project) but turned out nice in the end. Also, despite being cotton and having a ton of holes, this is a very warm cardigan.

I got my passport and we are considering booking a nice holiday somewhere hot, but we are also considering buying a house which we saw last week. I have realised with Dan that its a massive decision for him to commit to buying a house with me so I am not pushing at all. I like the house, I can make it a home and do quite a bit to it but I am not that bothered if thats not how it goes in the end so I am leaving it up to him, and just providing him with spreadsheets of information on why its a good deal and how we can still live well with the mortgage etc.

Knitting group is going really well, with an average of 8 people coming every week, and I also go to one on Saturday mornings because its a good excuse to get out of bed and once I am in town I can get things done.
On the downside, I have bought 13 balls of yarn and 3 tops in the last 2 weekends.....

A few of our friends are expecting so I have been making baby things which are just instant gratification so I will probaby do more. I will take some pics!

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