1 September 2010

On Reflection

I have an assignment to hand in tomorrow evening. I took today off to get it done. Which means that today I joined the gym (temporarily), washed clothes, and went to the Cinema. And now I am posting on here because jeez I am so stuck and I don't know where to start.

So anyway, I thought I would reflect on the list to the right of this that I wrote in January about what I wanted to get done this year...

Go Places
I have been to London, Cornwall twice, and Builth Wells for Wonderwool. Thats not going too badly.

Buy a house
This one is more difficult. To be completely honest I don't know whats going on with me and Dan, we are having this sort of break at the moment. Difficult since we work together but either way its horrible and icky and it does not look like we will be buying a house, or indeed living together again, or maybe even being together again. This upsets me more than I dare let on.

Meet some people
This year I have met some absolutely lovely people through knitting groups and I look forward to seeing them on Saturdays and Tuesdays and its really nice that they involve me in sporadic yarn shopping trips and knit flick nights and stuff. I have never really had friends before but I love having these people around.

Complete 10in2010
Getting there!

Travel more
Along with go places, I have been a few places this year. I have a passport now and had hoped to go to Greece at the end of the month with Dan but thats not looking very likely now. We were also going back to Newcastle to see his gran. Again, no idea if that will happen now.

Spin more
I did for a bit, I haven't had time since starting this OU course.

Use up more stash
I don't really have one :)

Only buy really nice yarn
I have been doing this, and I have mostly been buying for projects :)

Make jewellery again (in said house)
Lets not go there. I wish...

So thats me, mostly very sombre but hopefully things will pick up and I will get this assignment handed in and all will be well. I hope.

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