8 April 2011


Firstly, this is an annoyance.
My heel if you will...


Sometime around October 2010 I had to run for a bus on a cold morning. For a few weeks after I noticed my ankle ached in the morning of most days. Another few weeks later and I noticed that the back of me left ankle wasn't flat like my right one, and another couple of months later it started hurting more and more. So I went to my GP and I am waiting for a physio appointment. In the meantime I have to sit around and wait because anything more than a gentle walk becomes bloody painful!

I want to buy a car, but can't yet because if I need surgery I won't be able to drive it for a few months.
I want to book a nice hot holiday but can't yet because I might have to have surgery.
I want to book a walking holiday/long weekend but walking isn't really my forte at the moment.
Quite annoying. And on top of those, I want to get a bit of exercise now the weather is warming up and I am stuck with sit ups and arm exercises. Annoying!

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