20 May 2011

Some things

I feel a little down today. I think its because my life is utterly boring! What did I used to do for fun? I should be moving in 6 weeks, I am really looking forward to being about to do gardening and play on Alli's allotment. I should be getting a car too. That (I hope) will give me more reason to get out and about more.

I really wish I could remember what I used to do that made me more interesting. I literally go to work, work, come home, eat, knit, sleep. This moving is going to be a huge change for me. I won't be seeing Dan outside of work anymore. I am not sure I like that idea but on the whole it is probably a good thing. I need to be more friendly with my friends. I enjoy their company but we aren't as close as I guess we could be. Thats probably down to me being a bit reserved - I don't want to make an idiot of myself I suppose.

I remember I used to enjoy gardening and growing veg and cooking. I am hoping I like it again, and having a car should mean I could maybe join a gym again, or a class as it would be easier to get to.

Thats it for now, not sure I have much else to add

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