10 December 2006

Almost forgot

Im a terrible blogger and i always forget to update (see: other blog), but the intention is always there, i just dont think im all that interesting. And its pretty depressing at the beginning of a new blog because if you are lucky you will get the odd comment, but usually not so i feel like im talking to myself. Not that i have a problem with talking to myself. So this is meant to be a knitting blog. My last blog was kinda crochet orientated, and it was meant to have all my projects and some jewellery on there that i had made. But my jewellery is here and i never update that either, although thats because i dont have access to any of my equipment to make anything new. The name here came from my strange obsession with naming my pets after vegetables. im a little obsessed with vegetables and i have it in my head that next year im going to be a master gardener and have a huge crop of whatever will grow in this country. However the weather finally hit freezing this weekend and i hadnt bothered to prepare my ground for february planting. So the theory is that il do it in February... Back to knitting, im currently making Christmas stuff, a bag for my sister, a crocheted bolero from the Happy Hooker book by Debbie Stoller for my aunty, i made a scarf for my uncle and im making a sock for me. Just the one sock, with the intention of making another, but thats debatable

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