16 December 2006

I should do more on weekends

I thought i would write an update, because i like to talk... not so much to myself but i guess things will pick up at some point. So I made my sock, its a purty sock. Here are a couple of pics, but the colour isnt great here, they are actually more orange, like wotsits or cheetos or i dunno, an orange... I used the sox on 2 stix recipe from knitty and they were actually really easy, and i learned short rows and mini cables. Bonus! So far i only made one orange monster, im going to make another one and a pair in yellow. Im using the most fantastic feeling yarn, its a discontinued yarn, no idea what its called, and im too lazy to find out, but its a 50% merino, 50% acrylic mix. Im currently half way into a second pair for a christmas present. I bought Sirdar Denim Tweed DK in a kind of purple and lilac camo (find it here - middle column, 2nd colour down) Last week i found a pattern in Knitting Today for knitted tree ornaments, and i had to make this.

I think its incredibly cute anyway. although the increases were horrible, and you can see the seam, so i might have a go with DPNs.

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Knitted_Painting said...

yay you made a knitting blog! I only just found it through your other blog =) and you actually knit a sock! I'm still kinda terrified of doing the "heel turning"...I will knit socks one day..when I find the right pattern I'll have to have another look at the one you mentioned^_^ I do think your one lonely sock needs a friend though lol=D