11 January 2007

Oh im so bad at this

I just forget to write, although this is the first time ive been online at home in about 2 weeks. Ive just been so busy in work that i get home, eat and go to bed. Up at 6:30, at work for 8, and today i did 10 hours! But like i said, its been busy, and im enjoying it. Things are looking good and i wouldnt say no if they offered me a permanent contract in April. So i managed to get all my christmas presents made. My sisters bag was finished and lined on Christmas Eve. My aunties bolero on Christmas Eve, and my mums socks on Christmas Day at around 3pm lol. But she liked them. Il have to ask her if she wears them. Our new year got off to a strange start. Money is a worry at the moment but that will pick up. I did a budget tonight and worked out that i could afford £12 to buy dinner so we went to Curry Night at Wetherspoons. I got a knitting machine from Freecycle and its so damn annoying to use lol. I was warned. But il persevere. And currently im making this in a khaki colour Sirda Salsa, the same stuff as the orange sock. I had 10 balls and ive used 2 1/2 on half a sweater, i was planning on casting on the second part tonight but im feeling a little out of it and might just have an early night. I made this chart last week, after Morvens mum got an Escher calendar for Christmas, and i think one day il make it into a bag, knitted or crocheted. I also want to try knitting lace. Im loving circular needles at the moment so i ordered a bunch from Japan on Ebay, and im just waiting for them to get here. Its been about a week so they should hopefully be here early next week. I plan to make hats. I also want to make more Christmas ornaments like the christmas pudding one i made, and some other things i can sell. I may make childrens clothes too since they are smaller and im more likely to finish them lol. My mum said she might knit bags too, so if we can get a lot together, and i can make more jewellery, we should be able to do a craft stall next winter. Oh and iw ant to knit proper socks too so im saving up for sock yarn. I think thats as much of an update as i can manage at the moment lol

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Knitted_Painting said...

M.C. Escher is one of my fav artists I remember my parents used to have this huge book full of all his works hehe=) the knitting machine sounds a bit awkward to work with , but it's still kool hehe=D