26 February 2007

Finally, the weekend is over....

Im sure its not good to be thankful that the weekend is over and now im back in work. But its been a horrible weekend. I had to spend around 9 hours on Saturday painting a red room cream. And its still showing through red. What makes anyone think that their bedroom would look good in dark red with BROWN woodwork! I was exhausted on Sunday morning, plus the ground was heavy with rain, so i couldnt start on my garden. And then last night I had a big arguement with Morven over all sorts of stuff, like how I dont want to spend every minute of every day with HIS family, and how I really think we should be moving out soon. And he always waits until im feeling at my worst before making me feel even more crap. And its carrying on into today since i just dont want to be in work, I dont want to do anything today. Im on 2 hours sleep and no coffee. There was one good part - the part where i went to my old LYS with Morven, and he has been given the go ahead to make a website for the company, in the meantime i got to spend 2 hours with the shop owner and all the yarn, and I bought some Noro since the stupid post system just cannot get it right.
This is where there should be a pic of some Noro bag progress, but i seem to have forgotten to upload it.... Heres a pic of my house instead
I just feel crappy and want to go home, and not necessarily this home, the home i came from this morning, more like MY home, where my family are and the people like me and dont make me feel so shitty so early in the week Just UGH!

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