22 February 2007

I made it!

Thanks so much to Laurie for noting me :) So. The great Noro disaster continues. It got lost in the post. The lady at the website told me that I had signed for the package on Saturday. I dont recall..... Im so annoyed that I ended up asking for a refund and ordering it from somewhere else. I hope and hope this is going to get here on Saturday morning. I worked out that I need to have the bag finished and ready for felting next saturday so it can spend a day or 2 drying, and then I can line and felt it for the following Friday when I go to my mums house. Anyhoo, this is going to be one of those 'at work so no pics' posts. Work is completely hectic, im sure one day I will explain what I do, that will be the day that I know myself :) Im actually a temp, so i do whatever needs doing. But I do like my job, and there is talk of making me permanent at some point soon. Im not looking forward to this weekend, as I know there is going to be a major arguement. Morven wants me to go with him to help his mum paint the old house, I do not want to waste my weekend painting an old house. There is more to it than that, but you never know who reads these things. I need to get this bag done. Im sick of my sister always having a better present for my mum than me, so I want this one done and on time, and it will be fabulous. I want to spend most of this weekend knitting the bag, and some of it digging over the garden. Its March next week, and I havent even dug the garden, never mind planted any seeds, or even thought about where im planting what. Plus I live futher south than I ever have before, which means I should be planting 2 weeks earlier than the north of the country. And im so behind because I just dont have time. Grr! If anyone is interested, I plan on planting: Peas Beetroot Squash Carrots Possibly Potatoes Sprouts Parsnips Tomatoes Onions and probably more. I think I will go escape for lunch. Mmmm Caesar Salad

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