20 February 2007

Almost a celebrity

Im so suprised i got noted by the Crochet Dude. I feel like an almost celebrity! Theres a few too many almost celebrities around though so i'l pretend I didnt say that! (I just need a note from Crazy Aunt Purl and i know i've made it. Lol Today had been a good yet bad day in the world of the postal service. Il start with the bad - WHERE IS MY NORO. I ordered it last wednesday, i was charged last thursday, and it is now tuesday. 1st class recorded parcel post should not take this long. I had Mike (our lodger) go to the post office today just to check. He came back with another package (the good news) but no Noro. This is meant to be for my mums birthday! on March 11th! I'l need to line it and zip it before i can give it to her so i have about 2 weeks to make this bag and im most probably not going to get much chance to do it this weekend. (I wonder why i can crochet in the car but not knit :s) So anyway im annoyed at the company who were meant to have my Noro to me 2 days ago. Grr. The good news is that my friend Fiona sent me a package from AZ. I got 2 balls of Caron Simply Spft - it sure is soft! So I think il make a hat or something, or maybe even crochet (Yes CROCHET, I know!) some squares or something. Not decided yet. Im only just about to use the Lion Fisherman Wool she sent me last year lol. So i got a magazine, and some chocolates too, and a nice letter explaining that whilst i was reading it, she was actually back home, 90 miles down the road with her daughter! And she is there until Sunday. Now she said she wouldnt have time to visit, and thats cool, but I was meant to be going that way on Saturday lol. I dont think she will be checking her emails (would you if you only got home to see your family once or twice a year?) and im not sure if im even going there this weekend, but what a coincidence that is. I feel like im going on a bit, and i havent even posted a photo yet so here is one of the view from my house when it snowed a couple of weeks ago. Me and Morven got stranded in town lol. In other news: I decided to turn my Rowanspun DK (Shade: Goblin) Into a pretty cabled bag. I dont know if I will post pictures yet, as i am hoping that I can write out a pattern and submit it. It depends how well it goes, and whether i have to frog it again lol. And in yet more news: Pea ate my tape measure :(

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crazyauntpurl said...

Love the snow pic!

Oh, and I have lost at least three tape measures to my pesky animals. Next time it happens I am sending one of them out to get a job ... here's looking at you Bob T. Cat!