17 February 2007

Current mobile project

I bought some Rowanspun 4 ply last year with the intention of it becomings socks, but by the time id wound it into a ball (by hand - i NEED a yarn winder!) i couldnt be bothered with socks, so i started the argosy scarf. I had intended to get it done for my mums birthday in March, but its not a mindless knit, and i havent had much time to do it lately, so Im going to stick at it but with the intention of it going away until next Christmas. Heres my progress so far: I ordered 3 balls of Noro Kureyon on Thursday to make this bag. It actually calls for recycled Sari silk, but a: this is expensive, and b: i heard that some of the sari yarn from ebay (ie the cheap stuff that i can afford) is crappy and full of dirt and stuff. So I spent a good couple of hours deciding on which shade of Noro would be best and im gonna make it from that. I was going to use silk garden, but I thought id try and make it a little bigger and felt it. Noro doesnt usually shrink much in the 1st cycle so that should just about do. Now i have to wait for it to arrive. Fingers crossed for monday.


Michelle said...

Hey! That looks great. I am trying AGAIN on a pair of socks.

~drew emborsky~ said...

Argosy looks fantastic! Great job!