17 February 2007

Didnt i once say this was a knitting blog?

Heres the beginning of a Jaywalker, and heres the end of one, but there is only one, remind me not to do things in pairs unless i knit both at the same time. I do intend to make it a partner, but not until i go to my mums house in March. I should make good progress on the drive up there.

My favourite thing this month is the sheep in Simply Knitting magazine. This is the one i made - he will get his legs today, and then il make him some friends maybe :)

That photo is an advert for Simply Knitting if ever i saw one - theres the free gauge checker from a coupel of months ago, and the magazine itself. If you can, you should buy it, its a really good magazine, there is always something i want to make, and you get something free each month. Bonus!

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