17 February 2007

Update on the Veggies

This is Pea, just after Christmas, fighting with me for this mini crunchy bar - let it be known that i eventually won, but she is strong for a little runt and she was determined to get some of the chocolate if not all of it. And here is Carrot with a cracker - she will do anything for food, which may explain why she is twice the size of Pea. (Other things which might explain it are genetics and the fact that Pea was the runt of the litter (im guessing different litters)) And one more: Baby food is like crack for rats. I get them the organic kind, in a jar, which is usually vegetables, cooked rice, and sometimes chicken or beef. I dont get the ones with cheese because they steal enough bad foods, and its good that they have a healthy treat. Its also really good for medicating them. They get a jar lid filled with baby food, mixed with 2 drops of echinacea on a roughly 2 week on, 2 week off schedule. Sometimes they just get the food on its own. On wednesday night, Carrot was refusing to walk on all 4 feet. She had her front paw all clenched up, yet didnt seem in any pain, and was managing to get around, eat and drink ok. She had me worried, but i decided to leave her overnight to see how she got on. I got home Thursday night and she was all fixed. That little faker :) SHes good to go now though. Phew!

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