17 February 2007

OK i know i know. Il try harder

Must. Post. More. Sorry to anyone who actually reads this regularly, I have an excuse, although I dont have an excuse for the excuse. I haven't posted much because all my photos are still on my cellphone and I need to get them off, to put them online, to put them on here. SO what im gonna do is turn on the main pc (the one with the card reader) now, whilst i chit chat a little (oh yeah, the reason i havent been on that one for so long is because Morven was installing Linux on his server and stole the monitor so i couldnt use it). So generally ive made bits and bobs. ONE jaywalker, pics to follow, half a sheep - I think i have a pic of this, but im gonna finish it off today since i bought glue yesterday, so pics will come eventually, and last night i made a fluffy neck warmer from Rowan big wool tuft (i found it on sale for 99p a ball so got 2) I also have some Noro Kureyon on its way to me so i can make a bag for my mums birthday, and also there are stories to tell and pics to show of the little veggies. So i shall return very shortly with an update. I think il spend a little time on this blog today as im not happy with the way it looks.

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