7 March 2007

OK - A Happy Post

I've felt pretty crappy for the last week or so, with work, the weather, generally crappy stuff. But i'm choosing to be happy today. Despite the fact that i cant breathe through my nose. I have a really nice salad for lunch which i made this morning, at the same time as setting my Noro bag up for a day of blocking (Around a box of cat biscuits) I have been tired since monday and im at the stage where i think i need mid day naps. Not gonna happen though, so I popped into town just now and bought lemsips (dessert after the salad lol) and fresh smoothies to boost my immune system a little, and maybe wake me up. This week at work has been hectic with the follow up from the major crap that went on last week at 'We Try To Build Houses Corp.' Lets just say that some houses werent built where they were meant to be built, and no one noticed... So next Monday is my birthday, Sunday is my mums birthday. So Friday me and Mo are gonna drive up to see her and stay until Tuesday when we are planning on coming home via a safari park or zoo. Which means i cant take the ratties, which is annoying as i was planning on swapping their cage for one my sister has, which is almost identical but the bars are slightly closer together so Pea can't escape - Carrot is too fat to fit through now :) The car is fixed - it cost £100 to get the fusebox rebuilt, and it was getting worse and worse to the last minute when we had one working light, no heat/fans, no central locking, one of the electric windows went up REALLY slow, and it was taking a long time to start it. So thats all fixed now, we just need to get the horn fixed so we can beep at the idiots. THREE people nearly killed us this morning THREE! In a 25 mile trip. Not good odds. Morven has to do another 15 miles after dropping me at work so i was worried that he wouldnt make it lol. He made it. So the Noro bag should be done, i have to buy some wadding and some lining fabric which i may get tonight or i may wait until tomorrow. The car is fixed. I have to buy greeting cards tomorrow or Friday and maybe some flowers or another gift to go with the bag, and we are good to go. It will be SO nice to get home and relax for a few days. Almost forgot - the rain has been stupid, the rivers have burst their banks and all the back roads to the Forest where i live are flooded so we are down to one of 2 ways into work now. Whenever it rains in North Wales, we get floods, so we can expect them to get worse before they get better. Today is a really nice day though, it was sunny for a while and the rain clouds are passing over (probably heading for North Wales) Im going to finish my lemsip before it gets cold. Y'all have a nice day

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Knitted_Painting said...

Lemsip has been all I had since I've been back lol I hope you're feeling better now =) and I hope it's stopped raining down there it must stink to have floods all the time =| I bet you're really excited to see your mom and family =) I hope you'll have a great time! I'll read your other posts tomorrow I'm still catching up with all the blogs I read hehe =)
Take care!