9 April 2007

What day is it?

I do love Easter weekend - purely because its a 4 day weekend, and with the funeral last wednesday, it was a 3 day work week too. And the best part is that its been HOT - thanks, global warming - so we bought a patio set, a new bbq, and have spent about 12 hours a day in the garden since Friday.
Today is Monday? and here is what we did to the garden...

The beds were first dug over about 4 weeks ago, but we realised that they needed edging and we needed a path through, as I couldnt tell when the bed ended and the path started, and it was just a big mess. So on Friday we edged the top bed, with breezeblocks/airbricks and red bricks which were left around the garden. And Saturday and Sunday the bottom bed was finished and we gravelled the 1st path last night. There are pea and broad bean seeds in the top bed, and radishes and something else too - i cant remember, but there are labels so i can always check This may not seem like too much of an acheivement, but considering that 4 weeks ago, the whole garden was under a foot of building rubble, and they were thick with nettles and ivy (see the part at the top of the photo.... something like that...) then I think we have done a lot this week. Today we need to edge the flowerbed at the bottom of the garden and put another path down. I also need to pull more roots and weeds out of the bottom bed, ready for planting, and i also need to turn the heel on Jaywalker 1.5

Which is coming along a LOT faster than Jaywalker 1.0. I have another 8 rounds to do before starting the heel, but I lost the pattern that I printed, so im having to use the laptop, which is usually in use by Morven. I love the Jaywalker, I lose interest in boring knitting, so this is great, because its a 2 row repeat. So simple to do too, im gonna ebay for some new sock yarn when this is finished. Socks are in for me! Also, i love the knitting bag that i got free with Simply Knitting this month - it matches the 2007 diary which i lost :s. Its really handy though, and i can fit a full project in it and NOT lose the needles :) Anyhoo, Happy Easter for yesterday - I have a rat cage to clean.


Knitted_Painting said...

hey, the garden is looking great! soon there'll be some vegetable to eat =)
I love the colours of your sock yarn! What kind/brand is it? The yarn I'm using for the hairband is called Diana Iris by Katia. I think it's from spain or something, my sis gave it to me for christmas=) It's really nice to knit with and it looks nice with the lace knitting aswell=)

Knitted_Painting said...

well whichever it is it's lovely! I've been looking online and I'm thinking of getting either Regia Ringels sockyarn (in clown colour) or Opal (1705) =) Have you ever baught from AngelYarns?

Senora Fuerte said...

Yay Jaywalkers!!! I'm glad you are having good first pair mojo, as my first pair didn't quite work out so well. Excellent work, excellent yarn!

Knitted_Painting said...

3rd comment from me too lol well I need to buy a circular needle for my next project (mini-sweater) and they have it on angelyarns and it's pretty cheap there, so I may aswell get it from there=)
how are the socks coming along? is it a difficult pattern?

Knitted_Painting said...

well I know it's only a headband, but if I don't keep it flat/block it, it ends up looking all wonky and curled up lol
I hope they'll have some wooden ones in they're always more comfortable, but usually all they have in the LYS here are Pony needles =S and if that's all they've got I might buy a better one online =)
Have a nice weekend!

Knitted_Painting said...
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Knitted_Painting said...

oh I forgot to say.. have you ever been to the GetStitchy forum? it's got knitting and crochet sections=)

my fifth comment lol!

*edited for link* =)