27 May 2007

Quick picture post

It has rained all damn day. Started yesterday, but since i was in the garden i finished planting things. But today ive avoided leaving the house, except to change my car stereo over and go get petrol for Morven.
Im just about ready to go to bed, but since im on the laptop i might as well post some pics of last weeks holiday.
Here is Mo driving us there - it only took 3 hours, we stopped once for food and petrol. I have more pics of the tent etc, but they are on the other hard drive and i dont know where it is :s
This is Carlyon Bay, or the beach part of it at least. There is mass construction going on there at the moment, i think there are plans for hotels, bars etc. Its looking pretty good, i got some nice pebbles and stuff, not that i know where they are since we got back.

And this one is the view on the walk down to Eden. Its pretty impressive, those things are HUGE!

One last one which made us both laugh...

Sadly they were closed... :)

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