24 May 2007

Pointless Post

I thought i should write something, although i dont really have much to say today. Nothing particularly interesting has happened this week. I've been really tired actually, going to bed pretty early and waking up as late as possible before work. I did manage breakfast one day this week which is worth a mention, and i never have breakfast. Also on the weightloss subject I appear to have lost somewhere between 5 and 7lb in the last 3 weeks, which is good progress considering im not doing any excercise (except walking when im on holiday) and im just cutting down on the stuff i eat. I was reading the backs of food packets not so long ago, and I noticed that I must have been eating something like 3000+ calories a day, so all im doing now is eating less than 2000 a day. Its easy really, although expensive, as Im having to go to different places for lunch in work because my usual sandwich shop doesnt understand the meaning of Light Mayo. (Yes, i know i could make my own lunches but im lazy - please see above re: waking up as late as possible) So moving on... This weekend is another bank holiday weekend. (Gotta love May for its many 3 day weekends) There is a music festival in Coleford on Sunday and Monday, and a French Market in Cinderford on Sunday. I will go to at least one of them. I also need to go to the diy stores to buy compost and tomato grow bags as my tomatoes are getting a little too big. I also need some gravel or bark to use as a mulch, the slugs are eating all my hostas and some of my echinacae and my lettuce. Its bloody annoying! And I havent planted my onions outside yet so thats defintly a job for saturday unless it rains. Oh and as always, in knitting news, there has been no knitting. I have been crocheting a throw for us to take camping. Its taking forever and probably wont get finished lol.

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