22 May 2007


Hellooo, I appear to be posting 'semi'-regularly - something must be wrong! Camping was so much fun. We left at 11am Friday, managed to fit everything into the boot of the car, nothing on the back seats or anything - excellent considering we took THREE sleeping bags and TWO tents - Morven thought we should take the little tent just in case the camping pitch was small. He needn't have worried. The pitches were huge and the campsite was really quiet. In the part we pitched in, there was a caravan about 300yds away and another tent around the corner. We pitched under a tree which made it really cold in the shade of the morning, but not completely unbearable. I have pics to add to this later. I enjoyed my first camping experience a lot. The shower and toilet block was clean, as was the washing up area and the clothes drying area. We walked to the Eden Project on Saturday, got £4 off each ticket AND jumped the queues - its the benefit of being eco friendly and walking. However, the minor issues i had with walking were 1. Eden is surrounded by country roads without footpaths, which was a little scary at times. and 2. When our campsite brochure said "Only one mile from Eden Project" it actually meant only one mile to the entrance gate. From there you can expect a 2 mile walk into a deep valley before you reach the pay point. I was not looking forward to the walk back up the hill, luckily the really really nice bus driver took me and Morven to the top carpark so we only had just over a mile to walk back. That night we had dinner and slept from 9:30 until 7am Sunday. It was good though, i enjoyed eden, and we have year passes so we can go back again. The drive there and back was nice too. It only took about 3 hours, although we stopped a couple of times both ways for food and pee breaks and stuff. It was a shame to come back home really. Still, the people from Freecycle are coming this weekend to take away the bog concrete shed, so we can do a final measure of our space and put an order in for our log cabin soon. It will be great to have our own space. Anyhoo, i will post some pics of Eden when i remember to blog from home. And i have some knitting things to show too. But for now, its 6:40 so im gonna go get some food with Morven (its steak night at Wetherspoons) and go home. My poor plants are slightly neglected, so tomorrow i will water them with plant food and pick my radishes and plant my baby onions between my lettuces.

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